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Research & Publications Title Publisher/organizer ISSN/ISBN Date/s
1 test test 10/11/2017 1111
2 test test 10/11/2017 1111
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6 Impact of Technology Readiness and Techno Stress on Teacher Engagement in Higher Secondary Schools. Digital Education Review Vol 40 (2021) pp. 51-65. [Scopus] 2021 November ISSN: 2013-9144
7 Sustainable Green Connected Systems through Integrated Organic Waste Management Eco-Model for the Green Clean Campus. ECS Transactions. 107(1). pp 10423-32. [Scopus] 29 April 2022 ISSN: 1938-6737
8 The Impact of Screen Time and Mobile Dependency on Cognition Socialization and Behaviour Among Early Childhood Students During the Covid Pandemic-Perception of the Parents. DOI: Digital Education Review Vol (41) 114-123. [Scopus] 5 July 2022 ISSN: 2013-9144
9 The Mediation Effect of Technology Anxiety and Barriers on Technology Exposure to Teachers’ Technology Adoption. IEEE Xplore. 10423-32. [Scopus] 18 October 2022 ISBN:978-1-6654-1006-9

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