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4th Sem Faculti Evaluation 2019-21 Download
2 sem faculty evaluation 2020-22 Download
Faculty Evaluation 1st sem 2020-22 Download
Academic Calendar 2015-16 Download
Academic Calendar 2016-17 Download
Academic Calendar 2017-18 Download
Academic Calendar 2018-19 Download
Academic Calendar 2019-20 Download
Bus Timings from Chemperi Download
VJIM Bus Route Download
Time Table 2017-18 (I, II, III, IV) Download
Time Table 2015-16 (I, II, III, IV) Download
Time Table_2016-17 (I, II, III, IV) Download
Time Table 2018-19 (I, II, III, IV) Download
Time Table 2019-20 (I, II, III, IV) Download
AICTE approval 2018-19 Download
AICTE approval 2020-21 Download
AICTE Approval 2016-17 Download
AICTE approval 2015-16 Download
Uty Affn. Order 2016-17 Download
Uty Affn. Order 2017-18 Download
Uty Affn. Order 2018-19 Download
Uty Affn. Order 2019-20 Download
AICTE approval 2019-20 Download
AICTE Approval 2017-18 Download
P.G. Regulation 2014 Download

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